Skip Meetze formed Tango Product Design, Inc. to develop, produce and sell a new invention—the vue-console—a lightweight, durable, and portable stand designed to support and position an iPad at a comfortable eye-level.

Tango now offers design services to the Upstate New York community of emerging businesses.

It all began when Skip built a stand for his own iPad. Immediately, Skip realized that supporting the iPad about 6 inches above the table or desk made it more comfortable for reading, watching a movie, or computing with an external keyboard. After considering the possibility of publishing the stand as a do-it-yourself project on YouTube or a blog, Skip took the idea to his friend and colleague, Ken Rieck, who immediately recognized the potential for developing the concept into an attractive product manufactured locally at a low cost.

Skip Prototyping (http://vue-stand NULL.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Skip-Prototyping NULL.jpg)

Skip Prototyping

To start, they chose to make the stand lightweight, using a corrugated plastic material. After a dozen experimental designs, they established the basic shape and dimensions. The assembly also proved to be useful for reading while sitting in an easy chair or propped up on a bed or sofa.

Lastly, they incorporated a unique and defining feature: the spring-loaded hook, which securely holds the iPad down. The stand and iPad could now be moved around as though it were a single unit, with no fear of iPad damage.

Ken with stand (http://vue-stand NULL.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Ken-with-stand NULL.jpg)

Ken with vue-console

Having worked together for decades in the design department of a large corporation, Skip and Ken‘s inventing partnership was reborn, coupling creativity and ingenuity without cutting corners. The result is the vue-console, and Skip formed Tango to sell the iPad stand on the web and to offer his design skills and experience to others.

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